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The Mercedes S-Class is the pinnacle of Mercedes road cars and the vehicle all other Mercedes road cars follow. In today’s world of electrified luxury performance vehicles, the technologically advanced S-Class has been surprisingly quiet. Sure, there are some hybrid S-Class models, but up until now, the top-tier Mercedes-AMG S-Class models have steered clear of battery packs. Based on this spy video from CarSpyMedia we see a camouflaged version of the upcoming S63e testing around the Nürburgring.

The silent camouflaged muscular sedan we see driving around the Nurburgring is the future of Mercedes-AMG performance. Based on our research this appears to be the upcoming S63e V8 hybrid performance sedan. Notice how the vehicle in question wafts away without making a sound demonstrating its hybrid capabilities.

The team at Mercedes-AMG understand that hybrid technology is the next logical step to elevate the performance of their top tier S-Class performance sedans. With a hugely successful Formula 1 team who’ proved Mercedes’s mastery of hybrid tech, it was only a matter of time until road cars could benefit from this engineering knowledge.

Some may say it’s about time, but when you’re working on a car that holds the identity of your brand, you don’t want to make any mistakes.  Mercedes-AMG simply waited until hybrid technology was ready for the S-Class and we will see the results of their hard work very soon.

Based on our estimates, we expect the S63e to produce around 700 horsepower while returning better fuel economy and offering a plug-in option for customers. This ability to utilize a power V8 augmented by a sophisticated hybrid option will resonate with S-Class customers that are seeking the pinnacle of engineering. We look forward to seeing the final reveal and hope an even more powerful S73e is right around the corner.

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