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Vroom offers the ability to shop for a car online, buy it, and have the vehicle delivered to your door. Despite the in 2021 not taking place until February 7, the company already has its ad ready and available to watch online. 

The 30-second ad depicts the normal car buying process as being torture. It opens with a potential buyer who is covered in sweat and taped to a chair in a dark room. He pleads with the salesman to go home. The menacing seller says the customer can leave anytime, but that's obviously not true.

In the last moment of the ad, the salesperson makes sparks by touching together jumper cable leads and attacks the buyer. The customer falls over and goes through the floor to wind up sitting in the sunny front yard next to his wife. A Vroom-branded flatbed truck rolls up to deliver the guy's new car.

The Vroom ad doesn't have a set time to air during the Super Bowl, instead its position depends on the breaks during the game. The commercial is the first Super Bowl commercial from a used car selling service since Carmax's spot in 2014, according to Automotive News.

It's not yet clear which automakers are planning ads for this year's Super Bowl. Last year the big trend in the industry was advertising new electric vehicles. Audi had Maisie Williams behind the wheel of an E-Tron Sportback; LeBron James showed off the GMC Hummer EV; Porsche staged a heist with the Taycan. Plus, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend gave the Genesis brand its major introduction to the American audience in a commercial for the GV80.

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