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Although we're unable to attend this year's Tokyo Auto Salon in person (sad face emoji), brands like Honda are still releasing vehicles virtually. Last week we saw two cute little concept cars from the company: an N-One mobile cafe and an off-road–ready Fit hatchback. Today we get our first official look at another N-One concept that Honda prepped for Tokyo.

This is the Honda N-One K-Climb concept, and as its name suggests, this pint-sized van was explicitly built for hill climb events. Based on the sporty N-One RS, the K-Climb concept produces a mighty 63 horsepower (48 kilowatts) and just 77 pound-feet (104 newton-meters) via a 0.6-liter engine, paired to a six-speed manual transmission.

Honda N-One K-Climb
Honda N-One K-Climb
Honda N-One K-Climb

While the engine hasn't changed, hopped-up underpinnings make the K-Climb concept even more agile. Honda extended the wheelbase of the N-One slightly and fitted bigger, stickier tires. And to accommodate that extra width, a set of carbon fiber fender flares adorn each wheel. There's also a carbon fiber hood, as well as a carbon fiber front bumper, grille, and rear splitter – all in an effort to reduce weight. Honda hasn't said how much the K-Climb concept weighs, but the base RS model already tips the scales at featherlight 2,000 pounds (907 kilograms).

The K-Climb pictured here is just the prototype, sporting a yellow exterior with carbon fiber accents, and a few performance-oriented stickers. But Honda says this isn't the vehicle's final look. The company encourages you to vote on three potential liveries on its website: blue with a gold stripe and numbering, white with sharp yellow accents and a black roof, or a multicolored pink and green look that we're most fond of. One of those looks will debut at a later date.

It's unclear if the N-One K-Climb is just a concept, or if Honda will actually offer a limited run of these awesome little vans in Japan. All the company says currently is that they will keep us "informed of the development process."

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