There's already a lot of information available about the 2021 Ford Bronco, but if you're looking for all the details in one place, then check out the newly released order guide and accessory list for the much-anticipated SUV. It's a chance to know all of the ways you can outfit a Bronco, and a person has tons of choices to make.

The order guide is a bit less interesting of the two documents because it's predominately info that we already have from Ford's many announcements about the new Bronco. The pages support the rumor about the SUV's roof options being delayed because the modular hard top and two types of dual tops are listed as late availability.

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Page 32 is also interesting because it shows all nine wheel options available for the Bronco. It also breaks down which models each design is available for.

The five-page accessory spreadsheet is where some of the really interesting info hides. The document lists every available part you can add to the Bronco and the price. The huge number of components range from styling upgrades to rugged parts for off-roading. 

The list is too long to cover everything, but it's interesting to see the pricier accessories available for the Bronco. The tube doors are listed as late availability, but they retail for $1,350 on the five-door model and $840 on the three-door. Yakima's large roof platform kit that attaches to the roof rails $1,069. If you're planning on taking the SUV camping, Yakima's rooftop tent is $1,859, and the one from Thule is $1,599. The most expensive item currently listed is the retractable twill soft top by Bestop for $2,229.

Many of the performance parts do not yet have pricing available. This includes items like the various exhaust options, off-road suspension kit, and the winch.

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