For a very long time, the Porsche 914 was largely unappreciated by the brand's enthusiasts perhaps because it didn't look anything like the company's other models or the modest performance from variants with a flat four-cylinder engine. British restorer and coachbuilder Fifteen Eleven Design's new project is to create a far more exciting take on this classic roadster by fitting the drivetrain from a Porsche Cayman.

Behind the driver, there's now a 3.4-liter flat-six engine from a first-gen Porsche Cayman S, and the model's six-speed transmission. The gases exit through a custom stainless steel exhaust. Fifteen Eleven also adopts the Cayman's suspension architecture but upgrades it with adjustable coilover dampers. Porsche-sourced four-piston brake calipers with cross-drilled and vented discs slow down the speedy machine.

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Automotive technology has evolved significantly since the 914 was on sale. Fifteen Eleven ditches the original pop-up headlights and installs projector LED lamps in the spot previously for the turn signals. Since the Cayman's engine is liquid cooled, versus air cooling for the 914, the company also has to adapt the front bumper and hood to make room for the radiator and oil cooler.

The lift-off roof is still present, but Fifteen Eleven makes the panel clear for a brighter cabin. The fenders are carbon fiber. They are also slightly wider and stick out past the doors.


A re-sculpted rear gains a ducktail spoiler that actively adjusts based on the vehicle's speed. The exhaust now comes out of the middle, rather than the driver's side on the original.

Fifteen Eleven creates Fuchs-style wheels, but they now measure 18 inches in diameter. Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires wrap around them.

Inside, the company adds Recaro sport seats with bespoke leather upholstery. Changes to the Porsche's bulkhead and fuel tank location allow for extra legroom in the cabin.

Fifteen Eleven is willing to make multiple units of this modernized 914 and will offer them in left- or right-hand drive. Prices aren't available yet, but the company intends to complete the first one in 2021.

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