An Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser station wagon had a prominent role in That '70s Show by appearing in the opening credits and often showing Eric Forman's driveway in scenes. In a recent interview on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Wilmer Valderrama, who played Fez in the TV series, told the story of buying the car when the show was over.

Valderrama simply went to the props department during the last season and asked what it would cost to buy the Vista Cruiser. The person in charge initially tried to talk Valderrama out of the purchase. After pushing back and saying, "I need the Vista Cruiser" the guy offered it to him for $500. 

Valderrama calls the car: "The best thing I've ever acquired from my whole career." Looking at it reminds him of being young and booking That '70s Show. The series was his big break and ran 200 episodes over eight seasons.

Valderrama plans to keep the Vista Cruiser forever and even wants to pass it down to his kids in his will. At that point, the car will be an antique and will probably be quite a sight going down the road likely surrounded by self-driving, future cars.

As a refresher, the Vista Cruiser was from an era where the station wagon was the defacto means of family hauling – decades before minivans and later crossover took over that role. The Oldsmobile's special gimmick was a raised glass panel in the roof over the second row of seats and extra glass along the upper sides of the cargo area. The result was more natural light for the folks, usually kids, riding in the back.

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