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Electric vehicles could radically change how we get around in the future, opening up new, efficient ways to move. One company in Japan is doing just that, combing vintage automobile design with modern EV technology. The Blaze EV Classic pulls from pre- and post-war car designs to create a unique “retrofuturism” single-seat all-electric microcar that looks both functional and fun. Sadly, it’s only available in Japan.

The minicar is resigned as a moped, which allows owners to drive it on the road. Specs are what you’d expect from a high-end moped. The minicar’s top speed is 50 kilometers per hour (31 miles per hour) with a range of up to 50 km. Recharging the battery from empty to full takes approximately eight hours. It’s power output isn’t crazy, the minicar producing a max output of 3 kilowatts (4 horsepower) and 28 Newton-meters (20 pound-feet) of torque. Stopping power is provided by front drum and rear disc brakes.

Gallery: Blaze EV Classic

The Blaze EV Classic is small, measuring 2,330 millimeters (91.7 inches) long, 1,170 mm (46.1 inches) wide, and 1,160 mm (44.66 inches) high. The car weighs about 200 kilograms (400 pounds), with the battery tipping the scales at a tenth of that. The car features a classic design with open wheels and an open cockpit. It’s enhanced with British sports car-inspired wire-spoke wheels and LED headlights with classic housings. The car also features a differential gear to help the car’s coercing ability.

The Blaze EV Classic is only available in Japan for ¥880,000 ($8,470 at today’s exchange rates). It’s available in four colors – silver, black, green, and red – and the company is offering several accessories, such as a dedicated car cover, spare battery, accessory case, and spare AC adapter. As battery technology advances to become more power-dense and cheaper, these types of sustainability vehicles may become more commonplace.

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