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Thinking about buying a new Ford Bronco Sport? Prospective buyers were no doubt bummed to learn Ford already increased the Bronco Sport's base price last month, but now there's a new incentive to lure folks into dealerships. The good news is that it more than offsets the price hike, but it's still just a modest offering from Ford.

Specifically, the Blue Oval offers $500 in Retail Bonus Cash, which is just a fancy way of saying here's a $500 discount. There is a bit more to it, in that the bonus aspect means the incentive can be combined with other offers. That usually isn't the case with such deals, which means Bronco Sport shoppers can lump this with various financing offers through Ford that currently includes zero percent for four years. Still, that would mean a payment well north of $630 per month on even a modestly equipped model, though Ford does offer finance options for up to 84 months at 4.9 percent.

One thing you can't do with this $500 incentive is apply it to a lease deal. Retail Bonus Cash is only available to retail buyers, and according to Cars Direct, lease deals for the Bronco Sport still aren't the greatest. Offers certainly vary based on location, but a common three-year lease with $3,192 down ends up costing quite a bit more than a larger Ford Explorer XLT. And because residual values play a major role in monthly lease rates, it's actually cheaper to lease a higher trim level Bronco Sport than a Base model.

There's no question that excitement over the reborn SUV has pricing at a premium right now, even with this $500 incentive in place. Perhaps as time rolls on and the larger Bronco reaches dealerships, better deals on the smaller Bronco Sport will become available. In the meantime, Ford will reportedly keep this current incentive available through the end of March.

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