During Cadillac's big CES presentation, the brand offered a fresh teaser for the forthcoming Celestiq flagship luxury sedan. The company highlights its high-end tech, like the full-width digital display that has the premium brand taking on the Mercedes-Benz MBUX Hyperscreen system.

The Celestiq boasts a roof with four dimmable zones using suspended-particle-device smart glass. A handsome control panel on the center console allows for letting more light into the cabin or making things darker when an occupant wants more privacy. The video above shows the system in action.

Gallery: Cadillac Celestiq Teasers

Folks in the back also get to enjoy the vehicle's tech with their own screens. These even have active privacy features so that the occupants don't have to see what the other person is watching.

Despite its size, the Celestiq should be relatively nimble because Cadillac now confirms that the car has all-wheel drive and four-wheel steering. The sedan rides on General Motors' Ultium platform that could provide upwards of 400 miles of driving range. The company is preparing battery packs with capacities from 50 kilowatt hours to 200 kWh for the future models riding on this chassis.

The Celestiq's has a striking exterior design. The front end is heavily lit with vertical signatures in the corners and illuminated for the grille and badge. There's a prominent C-pillar, and the skinny taillights wrap around the side of the body. 

While the Celestiq's tech seems impressive and competitive in the segment judging by the teasers, potential buyers need to be patient to get one. Cadillac currently says the sedan "is headed to production in the near future." Earlier reports suggest it arrives on the market after the Lyriq electric crossover in 2022 but before 2025.

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