Ford Performance Vehicles has announced the limited-run GT F sedan will wear the 351 badge, thus confirming a 351 kW (477 PS) output.

The horsepower will be provided by a supercharged V8 5.0-liter at 6,000 rpm which will make it FPV's most powerful Falcon GT ever produced. The additional output was possible by tweaking the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) software which hasn't modified the torque figure as it stands at the same 570 Nm (420 lb-ft) available between 2,500 rpm and 5,500 rpm.

The FPV GT F 351 will come with the recalibrated suspension of the GT RSPEC along with wider 275/35 R19 Dunlop Sports Maxx tires and standard front six-piston & rear four-piston Brembo brakes. FPV will also apply a "stealth" design package on all five body paints that will be offered: Silhouette (black), Smoke (dark grey), Octane (orange), Kinetic (blue) and Winter White.

Ford Performance Vehicles revealed a month ago the GT F 351 will carry a starting price of 77,990 AUD once it goes on sale in June. The special edition will act as FPV's swan song since Ford will be closing its manufacturing facilities in Australia by October 2016 which means the Falcon nameplate will be axed.

FPV GT F confirmed with 477 PS supercharged V8 5.0-liter engine