Necessity is the mother of invention. You've heard that phrase before, and frankly, the world doesn't know exactly who said it first. It's a very highbrow way of basically telling people to solve their own damn problems, and well, this video appears to show just that. It's also a reminder that sometimes, those solutions can be really sketchy.

Before diving in with some commentary, can we take a moment to address the laughter in this short, 11-second clip? That's some serious, unfiltered, uncontrolled jubilation, and not just from one person. The video reportedly comes from Russia, shot on January 3 and as such we assume the words we hear in the beginning are Russian. However, this is one of those rare instances where the extraordinary situation transcends all language barriers. No words are necessary to appreciate the boss-level jury-rigging witnessed here.

Therein lies an important question, however. What was the necessity that required this invention? We have what looks like a fairly typical single-axle tow dolly, often used to pull vehicles when a trailer isn't available. The car in question is a Skoda that's definitely seen better days, with considerable damage visible around the left rear door and quarter panel. It also looks like the front fascia is missing, though the extremely lifted backside does obscure things quite a bit in the front.

The obvious answer would be one or both of the rear wheels on this Skoda were locked up, with the left rear being the likely culprit since there's plenty of body damage in the area. Here's a plot twist though – what if this car was being towed away for some reason, only to have the owner dive behind a wheel in a last-second attempt at freedom? That sounds crazy but we've seen plenty of desperate people trying to wrestle vehicles from a tow truck. And also, just look at the freaking video – it's crazy no matter what conclusion we come to. In fact, there's a strong argument for saying it's even crazier if someone planned to do this.

If this is an indication of how 2021 will play out, it's going to be another long year. May we all take it in stride with the unbridled laughter shared by the folks behind the camera on this crazy clip.

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