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The new 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L is the brand's first three-row SUV since the Commander disappeared in 2010. It required Jeep to extend the SUV's wheelbase to accommodate the third row of seats, though its reimagining into a sedan required an even more significant extension between the wheels. TheSketchMonkey YouTube channel takes to reimagining the SUV into a sedan with a stunning new, unofficial rendering.

The biggest difference between the sedan and the SUV is the ride height. The switch to a sedan required the car to ride much closer to the ground, pushing the larger wheels into the fenders. The squished front end works with the thin chrome grille, the thin headlights, and the lower bumper's horizontal styling. The upright front end gives the sedan presence with a touch of elegance. It looks quite similar to the Chrysler 300.

Gallery: 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L

The car's proportions do look slightly off – it's something that's fiddle with a lot in the video – though the final result looks great. At the rear, the hatch and cargo area is replaced with a trunk. The Cherokee L's thin taillight design fits nicely with the design line that extends from the front headlight, through the door handles, and to the rear lights. The video shows the artist making several minor adjustments to give the car proper proportions.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee L sedan also gives us a look at what Jeep could produce if it ever decided to enter the sedan market. It's semblance to the Chrysler 300 feels intentional, though the 300 is a well-designed American sedan with presence, which is what TheSketchMonkey wanted. There's little chance Jeep will throw away decades of SUV loyalty for an SUV to build a sedan, though if it ever decided to, it wouldn't need to do much in the styling department.

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