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The Ford Bronco is aimed directly at the Jeep Wrangler. The removable doors are perhaps the most obvious Wrangler-esque feature, along with the removable roof and its availability as a short-wheelbase, two-door SUV. We've seen the Bronco inside and out, but this interesting video from Bronco Nation gives us an insider look at what life with a lightly-optioned Badlands model will be like.

We say interesting because this could be the preferred Bronco for those wanting the beefiest off-roading version possible from the factory. The Badlands trim is packed with gobs of standard-issue gear like locking differentials front and rear, front stabilizer bar disconnect, and upgraded Badlands suspension with slow-speed off-roading in mind. This particular model also has the Sasquatch Package, but that's about it. The interior trim is standard, which means marine grade vinyl on manually-adjustable seats and the smaller eight-inch infotainment screen.

For those wondering about door storage, the video doesn't show them in the back but the only way to carry them is with the rear seats folded. The front roof sections, however, can be removed and stored with the rear seats up. The video also highlights a couple of features that may be frustrating for Bronco owners, beginning with the rear seats that do fold flat, but still sit higher than the rest of the cargo area. The uneven floor isn't as friendly for loading and carrying big things, and with the seatbacks being cloth instead of vinyl, cleanup won't be as easy, either.

Additionally, the video highlights an interesting conundrum for Bronco owners when the doors are removed. The power lock controls are in the doors, which doesn't seem like a problem since you wouldn't be locking doors if they're removed anyway. However, there's still the rear gate which does lock, and if the doors aren't installed, the only way to lock or unlock the gate is with a key fob. That could be mildly frustrating if you hike back to the rig from a campsite for more gear, only to find you need to go back and get a key fob to open the gate.

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Still, these are likely small potatoes for folks considering a two-door Bronco. Ford has 190,000 Bronco reservations and expects most of those to convert into sales. By comparison, Jeep sold 201,311 Wranglers in 2020 so if Ford's outlook is correct, Jeep indeed has serious Wrangler competition for the first time in decades.

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