It’s 2021, pat yourself on the back because you’ve successfully made it through the trials and tribulations of 2020. Therefore, what better way to start the new year than a super satisfying detail video. As such, The Detail Geek’s latest production showcases an absolutely filthy Ram 1500 pickup and its transformation back to factory fresh.

The story goes that the truck originally came from a drywall worker. Because of that, the outside doesn’t look spectacular, but the real party piece comes with the interior. A quick b-roll sequence shows drywall dust coating essentially everything in the cockpit – when the Detail Geek himself says that it’s one of the dirtiest vehicles he’s ever seen, you know it’s bad.

However, as many of these videos go, things begin with an exterior powerwash set to royalty-free music. Once all of the snow and grime had been scraped away, the result underneath was actually quite good. After a bit of elbow grease involving a selection of brushes and scrubbers, the exterior was looking good to go.

Much to our surprise, a very similar strategy was used for the inside of the vehicle; bits like the floor mats, seats, and door cards received a hefty scrub to bring them back to life. Even after a steam clean and extraction, some of the seats were too far gone for a full revival, but were still a big improvement – relatively unsurprising for a workhorse like this. 

Keen readers may see that the end result wasn’t a full transformation, but enthusiasts will likely know that detailing isn’t all about getting a perfect result every time. Semantics aside, the final before and after shots are certainly a sight to behold. 

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