Shmee150 takes the supercar for a spin.

The Porsche Carrera GT was a legendary car during the mid-2000s. It paired analog performance with the pinnacle of Porsche engineering, but it wasn’t enough for Gemballa. The tuner decided to take the Carrera GT a bit further with the Mirage GT, a tuned version of the Porsche supercar. The company built just 25 examples, and a new video from Shmee150 has him driving a rare specimen with an unusual spec.

Each Mirage GT is unique, and the one in the video above is no different. Whoever ordered it spec’d a striking color pairing – matte black with red accents inside and out. On the outside, red tinges the headlight bulb surrounds, the wheels, and the lettering on the lower doors. Inside, red touches the dashboard, door trim, steering wheel, and shifter boot. Other visual upgrades Gemballa made include a new front fascia for more airflow, a new hood, a roof scoop and rearview mirror camera, and a fixed wing with an actuating center winglet. At the rear, the Carrera’s dual exhaust is turned into a quad-pipe system.

While Gemballa certainly adds some pizzazz to the Carrera’s styling, the performance upgrades are subtler. The naturally aspirated 5.7-liter V10 made an astute 603 horsepower (449 kilowatts) in the Carrera, and the Mirage GT makes just a bit more than that – 670 hp (499 kW). The increase in power came from a new stainless steel exhaust system Gemballa installed. The tuner also added a lift system to help get the super-low supercar over the majority of obstacles.

Shmee150’s time behind the wheel takes the Mirage GT along some quit sand-line roads in Dubai, where he explores nearly the full rev range. He also comments on the car’s notoriously touchy clutch pedal, resisting the urge to use the throttle out of fear of stalling it as it is currently up for sale. Al Ain Class Motors has it listed, and those interested will have to inquire for a price.

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