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Pinning down when Ford plans to begin producing the 2021 Bronco hasn’t been easy. The Dearborn-based automaker pointed to Spring 2021 as to when both production and deliveries would begin, though recent reports have suggested that that could be pushed back to the summer. However, a new report from has some hard dates that, if true, could have Ford meeting its original production and delivery deadline.

The new report says Ford will begin Bronco production on May 3. That gives the automaker plenty of time to have the off-road SUV rolling off the assembly line and on dealership lots by the beginning of summer in late June. According to Bronco6g, Ford will begin allowing dealers to place orders next month – on January 19 – with the automaker beginning to scheduled production two months later, on March 18. Ford will prioritize orders based on parts and option availability.

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The Bronco is already facing delays due to supplier issues, with the coronavirus pandemic upending Bronco roof production, which could delay the model. However, Ford is attempting a make-good by giving customers $300 in value to use toward accessories, maintenance, or service. The roof delay also had Ford telling customers that they could receive a 2022 model as the company expects to continue initial deliveries through the 2022 calendar year. Even the Bronco with the Sasquatch package and manual gearbox is delayed until a late 2021 delivery.

Excitement is building for the new off-roader that is carrying a lot of promise for off-road enthusiasts eager to give the Jeep Wrangler a run for its money. Ford is certainly giving them options and teasing what’s to come. Spy photos and other bits of info have suggested that the company is developing a high-performance version that signs suggest will be called “Warthog.” It’ll allegedly borrow suspension bits from the F-150 Raptor and use the twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 from the Explorer ST, which makes 400 horsepower (298 kilowatts) and 415 pound-feet (563 Newton-meters) of torque.

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