Fisker's interim president, Roger Brown, has revealed the Karma could be relaunched in mid-2015.

Fisker's interim president, Roger Brown, has revealed some new details about the company's relaunch.

In an interview, Brown said the company needs to create a new headquarters and decide where the cars will be built. Since most of Fisker's employees were laid off in 2013, the company also needs to hire about 200 people. As Brown explained, "We are currently looking at a lot of the prior employees. We [also] have a database of people that have reached out to Fisker over the years looking for employment." The executive went on to say a number of previous employees have expressed interest in returning to work.

If everything goes according to plan, the Karma could be launched in mid-2015. Should that prove successful, Fisker could introduce the Surf in 2016 and the Atlantic in 2017.