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Fulfilling our childhood dreams is one of the missions of our lives. As true gearheads, everyone here at is truly inspired when someone makes his dream project come true. And no, we are not talking only about expensive restomods and finely restored classics - that’s a privilege that people in the Western world can afford. Building a car from scratch for just $200 also counts as a dream come true. And it may be even better.

Drew Binsky, a YouTuber whose mission is to visit every country on earth and “inspire young adults to travel, while shattering stereotypes that the world is unsafe,” has a new video filmed in the outskirts of Accra, Ghana. The 11-minute clip tells the story of a “really inspiring teenager named Kelvin” who built a car made out entirely of scrap metal for just $200. Yes, it's working.

From A to Z, the car took Kelvin about three years to build. He started with a pipe construction used as a base and then added the suspension, which uses motorcycle components. The body is made from old container panels and power is provided by a motorcycle engine. There’s even a working audio system inside the cabin.

But that’s not even the best part. “I hope some of you feel inspiration from Kelvin and his story - I know he is up to some big things in the future,” says Drew Binsky and we can’t agree more. Kevin is a young guy who is really inspiring for what he’s done and we really hope he gets noticed by someone who can give him access to more knowledge and practice. Keep up the good work, Kevin, and never give up!

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