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Despite several rumors about its demise, Chevrolet refuses to confirm nor deny anything about the Camaro, but it sure is giving the muscle car a heck of a swan song.

In our previous report about the Corvette C8's pricing in Australia, Wheels discussed a tiny bit of news about the Camaro at the latter end of the story. The other go-fast Chevy is said to have been given two more years in its life, with the retirement moved from 2024 to 2026.

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The Chevrolet Camaro is currently in a tight spot right now in the U.S. market. It isn't really selling well for quite a few years now, always falling behind the Ford Mustang. This year, Chevy only moved 22,226 examples during the third quarter of 2020. Compared to the same period in 2019, that represents a 39.6 percent decline. In comparison, the Mustang sold twice that number during those three months of this slow, dreaded year.

As such, we aren't really surprised to hear that Chevy is on the verge of axing the nameplate in a few years without any concrete replacement to follow. Those rumors have been out since 2019, but the Golden Bow Tie isn't letting go just yet with several updates here and there.

The report from Australia's Wheels shines a tiny ray of hope for Camaro fans – at least in the Land Down Under. It is returning under GM Special Vehicles (GMSV) in both SS and ZL1 flavor as early as 2021, and the publication seems to be positive about its return moving forward with the muscle car's participation in Supercars Championship in 2022.

Take this with a healthy dash of skepticism, though. As I've said, Chevy isn't confirming nor denying anything, but we sure do hope it keeps the nameplate intact within this decade, at least – before the EV takeover.

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