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If you're looking for an extravagant last-minute Christmas gift, well, you're too late. However, late shoppers with considerable cash to spend can score a good deal from Mercedes-Benz on the flagship S-Class sedan. $10,000 discounts are available, and that applies to AMG and Maybach variants as well. It may not be an easy deal to score, however.

According to Cars Direct, Mercedes-Benz is keen to get rid of the outgoing S-Class generation before new models hit dealerships. As such, the automaker is giving dealers $10,000 in retail cash, but there's a catch. It's not an advertised deal, and because it's not a straight-up rebate, dealers don't have to give the full discount. It's really an extra incentive for dealerships to slash prices on the current S-Class ahead of the next-generation's arrival.

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That said, it's not like a $10,000 discount will suddenly make the S-Class affordable to the masses. With a starting price of $94,250, the big luxury sedan isn't what you'd call an impulse purchase. You could apply the deal to the AMG S63 sedan as well, but with a starting MSRP of $151,600, that's only a discount of around six percent. It's even worse on the Maybach S-Class, which starts at $173,000.

However, if you're lusting for an S-Class but have a strict budget under six figures, this could be your last chance. Base MSRP for the 2021 models will rise significantly compared to the outgoing model, landing just shy of $110,000. You do get more technology for the price, but with the $10,000 discount figured in, scoring a 2020 S-Class could save you no less than $25,000 compared to a 2021 model. That's enough to get a new Merc and almost have enough to get a new A-Class.

The $10,000 deal is slated to run through January 4. Discounts could vary by location.

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