After months with only a limited ability to leave your home, the cabin fever might be reaching the breaking point. If you're looking to run into the wilderness just to be able to spend time outside safely, then this highly modified 2019 Ford F-450 might be the perfect rig for an extended off-the-grid trip. With just 38,000 miles on the odometer, this overlander should have a lot of life left in it. The seller is asking $135,000 on Facebook.

According to the seller, winter camping was in mind when building this off-roader. The camper shell uses an insulated aluminum sandwich and fiberglass roof. It attaches to the pickup's frame with steel mounts and a rubber gasket to absorb movement. The body has four coats of primer and four coats of paint. Any exposed metal on the outside has four coats of rubberized bed liner. A water sealant is on the underbody and wheel wells.

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The aluminum boxes on the back are mostly for storage. The lower one contains the batteries. The upper ones are large enough to store equipment like skies. The roof has two 350-watt solor panels and a 50-gallon solar shower.

Inside the camper, there are seatbelts for as many as nine people and three beds that provide sleeping space for as many as six folks. For extra living space, the owner currently has two beds installed.

The interior amenities include a microwave, cooktop, fridge, and wi-fi. There are a diesel-powered, forced-air heating system and hot water heater for keeping things warm. In addition to the 50-gallon shower tank, there are 85 gallons of freshwater storage in a separate tank. To handle the waste, the truck can carry 42 gallons of black water and 42 gallons of gray water.

The drivetrain is straight from the F-450 with a 6.7-liter Power Stroke diesel with four-wheel drive. The suspension is also stock, but the owner says that there's room for fitting tires as large as 44-inches that would lift the ride quite a bit.

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