The 2021 Ford Bronco might be delayed slightly, but buyers are still excited for its arrival and to Ford's credit, progress towards production is being made. The team at Bronco Nation recently shared some extremely detailed photos showing interiors for both the entry-level Base model, and the upscale Outer Banks.

Yes, we've seen these interiors before, but photos often struggle to convey a real-life impression when it comes to colors and textures. Forum member jparker had the chance recently to crawl around a couple of Bronco models, taking these high-resolution shots that give us a better sense of what to expect when the reborn SUV finally arrives at dealerships.

Gallery: Ford Bronco Base Interior Detailed Photos

We start with an entry-level Bronco Base four-door (above) equipped with the Sasquatch Package. We suspect many people are interested in this spec, as it nixes the dressy trim and extra options for maximum off-road attack from the factory at the lowest price point. There's certainly an abundance of gray and plenty of plastic, but for an entry-level machine, it doesn't look like a bad place to be. The two-tone motif is far more defined in these images, and though it doesn't offer much in the way of options, even base models get a plethora of GOAT modes for venturing off the beaten path.

By comparison, the second batch of photos (below) features a four-door Outer Banks model, with the interior finished in Roast cloth. The shade of tan with gray certainly livens up the greenhouse, but these detailed shots reveal how the two colors intermingle for the seat inserts. It's not simply a mashup of tan with gray trim around the edges, and it's a detail that we haven't seen in photos from Ford.

Gallery: Ford Bronco Outer Banks Roast Cloth Interior

The snazzy look does come at a cost. The Bronco Base four-door starts at $34,795, whereas the Outer Banks starts at $41,450. It's also the only trim level that offers Roast as an interior option.


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