The Buick Grand National is without a shadow of a doubt one of the best cars General Motors sold in the 1980s. Although not exactly rare, unless we’re talking about the GNX, the Regal-based muscle car remains a hugely desirable car with a bad-to-the-bone look and a healthy amount of power. As the years go by, finding one in immaculate shape is getting harder, but this 1987 example is an exception.

With only 56 miles (90 kilometers) on the clock, this particular Grand National is as good as it gets. The original owner barely drove it before locking it up in a garage where it sat for nearly 37 years. Unfortunately, the owner passed away a few years ago, and although his wife originally intended to put the car back on the road, it never happened.

She ultimately decided to sell it, and the new owner put it on a trailer and made the trip from New York City to Columbus, Ohio. Still riding on the original tires, the Grand National had to be maneuvered through one of the narrowest driveways we’ve ever seen, but not before moving a 1985 Mazda RX-7 out of the way.

The folks over at AMMO NYC were tasked to thoroughly clean the car as well as get rid of some scratches caused by the family dog. The cabin also needed a bit of TLC, like getting rid of spider webs and giving special attention to the plastic bits. The engine bay had to be cleaned as well, restoring the original look of the turbocharged 3.8-liter V6 engine, which was making 245 horsepower and 355 pound-feet (481 Newton-meters) of torque by 1987.

Beyond cleaning and polishing the car, the new owner also changed all the fluids, replaced the fuel tank, fuel pump, and installed a new battery. The last part of the video shows him firing up the Grand National after being dormant for more than three decades. Interestingly, he has already decided to sell it because of “the way things are today” and the lack of garage space.

A price tag isn't mentioned, but the video ends showing his e-mail in case you're interested. A quick search online shows non-GNX 1987 Grand Nationals in great condition go for upwards of $40,000. Ultra-low mileage examples are way more expensive, with Bring A Trailer selling last year a 27-mile car for a whopping $105,000.

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