Keen readers will likely have heard of the Hoonicorn vs The World series by now. Inspired by Forza Horizon 4 players staging drag races between the Hoonicorn and any other rapid vehicle they could get their hands on, the guys at Hoonigan decided to translate the idea to real life. The latest showdown puts the Ford GT Carbonup against Ken Block’s pride and joy.

As the Blue Oval special is down on power by quite a large margin, we’re beginning to think that these videos are more of an exercise in automotive show and tell, but we’re not complaining; any petrolhead worth their salt knows that seeing the Gymkhana machine fire out of the hole is a sight to behold.

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You’ll probably know about Ken’s hell machine by now; it has a 1,400-horsepower (1,043.9-kilowatts) twin-turbocharged V8 built by Roush Yates – the same people who build NASCAR engines for Ford’s competitors – and feeds its power to all four wheels. Meanwhile, the Ford GT Carbon has a twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V6 which puts out 647 hp (482.4 kW). However, we’d be remiss not to mention that it also boasts carbon wheels, brakes, and body panels. And it belongs to Dave Borla.

Predictably, the GT is decimated in the first race from a hit. After a similar result in a roll race, Ken opted to give the competition a 40 mph (64.3 km/h) roll while he started from a dig. Following the longest run-up we’ve seen for such an affair, the end result was predictably the Hoonicorn followed by the GT.

Even after losing to such a beastly creation, Borla wasn’t afraid to throw down some celebratory donuts. It’s a refreshing sight to see such a rare car be used to its limits rather than sitting in a garage as they unfortunately end up doing. We can’t wait to see what other Forza vehicles the guys can find to race against the Hoonicorn.

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