We’ve already covered a myriad of bonkers creations that the guys from Garage54 have brought to life. Whether it be a walking Lada with working legs or even an articulated version of the Russian automobile, the team’s engineering bravado knows no bounds. As such, the latest video shows them building a V12 by strapping three four-cylinder engines to an unsuspecting automobile.

Obviously, engine configurations like the one we see here are quite unorthodox, but connecting multiple cylinder banks isn’t unheard of. Bugatti obviously has its W16, but one racing team that completely threw out the rule-book was British Racing Motors (BRM) and its H16 configuration that essentially stacked two flat-eight engines.

Before we get too carried away, the setup here in the video appears to be a Y12 with two engines sitting in the open air over the hood, and one in the stock location. After a cold start, the three units together sound like nothing we’ve ever heard before – one of the units even began to spit flames following a few revs. It was no Hoonicorn smoke show, but still a crazy sight. 

As connecting the three engines via driveshaft would be unbelievably difficult, the team opted for a simple belt setup at the front; drive-train loss is likely quite high, but we’d say it doesn’t matter when you’ve essentially built your own powertrain. Surprisingly, getting everything synchronized didn’t appear to be all that difficult.

A few tests on a snowy proving circuit showed the potency of the DIY V12. There’s still a bit more power to be extracted, but as engine builds go, this one is certainly striking in appearance and sound. We can’t wait to see what it can do on solid ground.

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