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A vast amount of information is already available about the 2021 Ford Bronco, but there are few nagging questions about the SUV, like how the front looks in states that require a license plate there. A member of the Bronco 6G forum has some pictures of one with the bracket in place on the nose, and the other members there are not too happy with the appearance. After reaching out to Ford, it seems there's no reason to worry.

In the photos, the front license plate has an awkward position above the bumper so that it blocks the portion of the grille beneath the Bronco badge. The position is conspicuous, and the plate is going to be even more visible in states where there are bright colors like New Mexico's red symbols on a yellow background.

Gallery: Ford Bronco Front License Plate has reached out to Ford for a comment about these photos: "Bronco designers and engineers pushed what really matters to our customers – maximum off-road capability and ease of installing off-road accessories. And to ensure a maximized approach angle without obstructing forward lighting, the front license plate is center-mounted on either the front bumper, or with the optional winch bracket, mounted just above the modular front bumper," Ford's Jiyan Cadiz told

"It is above when the winch bracket is included. I think it’s depicted here with the bracket on the modular front bumper, but without winch installed," Cadiz told about the Bronco in these photos.

In many states a front license plate is mandatory, and at least in some of those places, having it in the middle of the vehicle is also necessary. This doesn't leave Ford many places to put the bracket, especially when the location also can't block airflow to things like the intercooler or radiator.

2021 Ford Bronco Badlands Trail Rig concept

As the image above shows, the available winch complicates matters because it occupies part of the bumper and the lower portion of the grille. On these vehicles, the license plate needs to be higher to be visible.

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