A rare and awesome Mansory Carbonado Roadster is now on sale in Germany

A rare Mansory Carbonado Roadster is now on sale in Germany. The tuning company itself has placed a 1.3 million EUR price tag for its creation.

The Carbonado Roadster has a heavily updated 6.5-liter V12 engine with 1250 HP (919 kW). 0-100 km/h acceleration takes only 2.6 seconds, while the 200 km/h mark is reached in 6.5 seconds. This particular vehicle was exhibited at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show and has only 50 km (31 mi) on the odometer.

Other modifications include a carbon exterior look with new spoilers, wheels and body panels, as well as a navigation system, a premium sound system, an automatic start-stop system and a carbon interior package.

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