All the benefits of a bowling alley without the nasty rental shoes.

Folks, 2020 has been rough for everyone. Staying isolated is only part of the challenge, but such isolation exacts a mental and emotional toll. That's what makes this cool bowling alley such a neat idea, because lockdowns and coronavirus concerns have pretty much put the kibosh to an evening of drinks and strikes with your friends.

Enter Lucky Strike Bowling. According to The Detroit News, it's the brainchild of Terrence Jackson Jr. who set out to make what he says is the world's first mobile bowling alley. It's nestled inside the confines of a 53-foot trailer, which is also decked out with a cool Bluetooth-accessible sound system, a big-screen television for watching movies, and a small lounge area for hanging out. All in all, it looks like a sweet mobile party just waiting to happen.

The crux of the action is obviously the bowling. As you can imagine, 53 feet isn't quite long enough to hold a standard 60-foot bowling lane, never mind space for the scoring table and run-up. As such, things are downsized a bit but the mobile experience still offers two individual lanes approximately 30 feet long, complete with an automatic ball return. The bowling balls are palm-size, approximately four inches in diameter but as the video above shows, they still sail into the pins with gusto.

The lounge area is behind the lanes, positioned in the raised portion of the trailer. According to Luxury Strike Bowling's website, people are invited to bring food and adult beverages into the trailer though it needs to stay in the lounge. The trailer is climate-controlled so it's ready for all-season use and with the pandemic still raging, it offers small groups a chance to have some fun while keeping socially distant from others. At $500 for a two-hour rental, you probably won't be reserving the trailer for a basic date night. But for a small family party, it could be a wonderful cure for the COVID blues.


There is some bad news, however. Luxury Strike Bowling is based in the Detroit area, so unless you're a resident of Motown or the surrounding suburbs, you won't be able to partake in the fun. Even then, it appears the trailer is out of commission until next spring – a Facebook post from a few days ago (embedded above) states a "sudden accident" occurred on December 12. We hope Jackson and his trailer come back soon, because the world needs innovative ideas like this right now, more than ever.

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