Get your kids and infants into Porsche early by strapping them into one of the company's safety seats and taking the child for a ride in your 911, PanameraCayenne, or other model. The automaker now has a new generation of the Porsche Baby Seat and Porsche Kid Seat for keeping your kid secure during an enthusiastic drive.

Both of these seats have everything to make the kid riding in a Porsche look especially cool. There are motorsport-inspired six-point seatbelts with the brand logo on the straps and side of the seat. Integrated head restraint adjustments allow an owner to tweak things as a child grows. They are available in black or a shade of light blue that evokes the famous Gulf racing livery.

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These seats comply with the European Union's new i-size safety regulation. The requirements are supposed to make car seats easier to fit into a vehicle and offer better protection for side impacts, particularly for the head and neck. Sizing now takes into account a kid's height, in addition to weight.

The rear-facing Porsche Baby Seat fits infants with a length of 15.75 inches (40 centimeters) to 32.68 inches (83 centimeters). It has a removable newborn insert for making a baby extra comfortable.

As an additional option, there's a Flex Base that installs in the vehicle's ISOFIX anchor points. Then, the owner can quickly slot the baby seat into it. Without this device, a person can secure the chair with the car's seatbelt.

The larger, forward-facing Porsche Kid Seat fits children 29.92 inches (76 centimeters) to 41.34 inches (105 centimeters). There's an adjustable sitting position for keeping kids happy.

The new child seats aren't yet available for sale on Porsche's online store. For reference, the current baby seat retails for $416.23, and the one for kids is $557.53.

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