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Make no mistake, the Ferrari 812 Superfast was already one of the most potent vehicles to be released from the Maranello gates. Its 65-degree V12 already produced 789 horsepower (588.3 kilowatts) without any turbochargers muting its 12-cylinder voicebox, but clearly that wasn’t enough for the prancing horse. Supercar spotter Varryx’s latest video captured footage of a better, faster, and stronger 812 prototype pounding around the streets of Maranello and Fiorano test track.

Details remain sparse, but set against the odds of tightened emissions restrictions, Ferrari has somehow managed to extract even more power from its F140 V12 engine – we can’t be certain, but this version of the powerplant is rumoured to be its swan-song. While that’s not spectacular news, it does mean that we get a mega example of pushing engineering to its limits.

Unlike the previous model which had a redline of 8,500 rpm, the new unit will likely exceed the 9,000 rpm figure seen on the LaFerrari. It’s said that this will give the engine an additional 30-40 hp, bridging the already small gap between supercar and hypercar performance. Contrary to popular belief, this version won’t be dominated by the powertrain – as we’ve previously seen with cars like the F12 TDF. Ferrari is committed to putting its new baby through the paces around Fiorano to get the handling dialled in.

As such, the video features several clockwise and counter-clockwise runs around a skidpad at the Fiorano test track. There was some running on the full circuit itself, but most of the video captured dizzying runs around the skidpad. Apart from setup work, the engine keeps the same note from the 812 Superfast.

It’s difficult to make too many judgements from the video itself, but we can be fairly certain that the latest model will be quite a sight and sound. Until then, we can only bask in the mystique surrounding Maranello.

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