Six EVs are coming under the “EQ” banner from Mercedes between now and 2022. Premiering January 20, the EQAwill serve as the electric equivalent of the GLA and will be followed shortly by the EQB as the GLB without a combustion engine. The EQA is already in production at the Rastatt plant in Germany, with the EQB to hit the assembly line at the Hungarian plant in Kecskemét next year. Both will also be made in Beijing for the Chinese market.

These two small electric crossovers will complement the already available EQC and will be followed by bigger EQE and EQE SUVs. Both large zero-emissions SUVs will be put together starting 2022 in the United States at the Mercedes plant in Tuscaloosa alongside the regular GLE, GLE Coupe, and GLS SUVs. Daimler has already built a battery plant right next to the factory in Alabama and will install the necessary tools in the following months.

As far as sedans are concerned, the EQE will be the E-Class Sedan’s EV counterpart and is scheduled to enter production in the latter half of 2021. Much like the aforementioned EQA and EQB, it will also be built at the Beijing plant to cater to the Chinese market. The larger EQS is also arriving in H2 2021, and is going to be assembled in Factory 56 at the Sindelfingen site in Germany together with the regular S-Class.

As a refresher, Mercedes has been making the EQC since May 2019 at the Bremen plant in Germany before entering the production phase a few months later in Beijing as well. Earlier this year, Mercedes kicked off production of the electric V-Class minivan dubbed EQV in Vitoria, northern Spain.

Gallery: Mercedes EQS production at Factory 56

The electrification onslaught will also include a G-Class EV due to arrive later this decade. Come 2025, Mercedes will roll out a bespoke Mercedes-Benz Modular Architecture (MMA) for EVs for compact and medium-sized vehicles. AMG and Maybach models are also due to be electrified, and we know the engineers are working on a Vision EQXX concept with more than 750 miles (1,207 kilometers) of range.

2021 will mark the launch of three AMG-branded hybrids, including the much-awaited One hypercar with over 1,000 horsepower. The identity of the two other models has not been disclosed, but one of them is likely an 800-hp variant of the AMG GT 4-Door Coupe with a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 and an electric motor for a possibly “GT73e”-badged car. The third hybrid AMG might be an S63e with a yet-to-be-confirmed output of 700 hp.

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