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Sneakerheads know that the Air Jordan XI was an icon in the sneaker culture. Many even believed that it's the most popular Jordan shoe of all time – a notion that could spark an argument, but that's for another topic for another time. Surely, designer Tinker Hatfield was inspired by many things when making the Jordan XI. But out of all those inspirations, it was the lawn mower that's kind of strange, to put it lightly.

With that said, Mansory, the German luxury car tuner, worked with BSTN, Germany’s
leading source for premium sportswear, to create this – the BSTN GT XI lawn mower by Mansory.

Gallery: BSTN GT XI Lawn Mower by Mansory

Yes, it's a real lawn mower, and don't ask us why because we don't really know the answer. What we know is that Mansory drew inspiration from the Air Jordan XI shoe design to modify this lawn mower, specifically the recently released, super-sleek Air Jordan XI Jubilee. With the noir theme of the images above, we can certainly see the resemblance.

Apart from the color and theme, Mansory also added bespoke body parts into this lawn tractor, as well as handcrafted carbon-fiber panels and a custom-tailored racing seat. Now you can cut grass in style and as sporty as possible. Just don't expect it to be quick, though, because it's still a lawn mower.

We're not entirely sure if Mansory is really selling this premium lawn tractor. We checked the company's website and we didn't see any details about it. It's a one-off creation, though, as mentioned by Mansory on its social media post and YouTube upload.

For what it's worth, the tractor looks good and far from the outrageous Mansory designs we've seen in the past. So, two thumbs up for this one.

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