Even a local police officer was impressed with the build.

Few would argue that the Ford F-150 Raptor fails to provide superb off-road capability. It’s a purpose-built off-roader from the factory, though for some it lacks pizzazz, it’s too subtle. That’s where the Westen Champlin YouTube channel comes into action, where the truck’s wheels and massive knobby tires are swapped for something quite unconventional – tank tracks.

While they’re technically tank tracks utilized by militaries worldwide, the ones bought for the Raptor look much more similar to those offered on a skid loader than an M1 Abrams. However, they function the same, helping to distribute the vehicle’s weight across questionably soft ground or other obstacles. The video follows the pick-up process for the tracks before briefly touching on their installation. However, the main focus was showing off the tracks themselves.

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The video has the tracked F-150 hitting the streets to grab fast food and turn heads, which it does. One car stops to take a photo while EMTs in an ambulance jokingly agree to a street race –as one shoots a video. Even a local police officer commented on the build, calling it “badass.” The video then shows the truck heading off-road, cruising over grass-covered fields with ease and speed. Copious amounts of mud didn’t slow the Raptor down, nor did the creek it waded through with little trouble.

Though the creek did present one problem with the build – approach and departure angles. The tracks’ triangular shape makes them much wider at the base than the tires, which causes the tracks to rub against the Raptor’s body. It’s noticeable in the video as the Raptor leaves the creek, the rear wheel well rubbing on the track. A puff of dust is also visible, but that rubbing could easily be fixed with some more aftermarket upgrades. The tank tracks look like they are too much fun to get rid of, so it only makes sense to modify the pickup further.

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