There are plenty of companies all around the world that can turn everyday rides into armored battlewagons. In the US, Ford is already known for its police vehicles, namely the Explorer which gets a Police Interceptor variant equipped with a variety of upgrades. Ford also offers police versions of the F-150, but if you dig deeper, you'll find Blue Oval machines prepped for everything from armored-car duty to blasting through warzones.

As you might imagine, such vehicles aren't available through dealerships and if you ask about one, it's likely the sales staff won't even know about it. These specialty vehicles – and many other less militaristic variants – are accessed through Ford's Global Fleet Sales website. The foundations for these specialty machines stem from the Ranger, the Ranger-based SUV, and the Transit.

We're focusing on some of the more badass builds you can order straight from Ford, and it doesn't get better than the Ranger Armored Assault Vehicle. Yes, that's its actual name, and it's available as either a single cab or four-door crew cab truck. In place of the bed you get a big command station with jump seats, gun racks, a rear gunner compartment, and enough armor to stop small arms fire or withstand blasts from hand grenades.

If that's a bit too much, the Ranger Light Tactical Vehicle keeps the traditional bed and nixes the armor, but you do get big bumpers and grille guards, upgraded suspension, emergency lights, and a gun mount on the rollbar. You might need that last item, because it packs the 2.2-liter turbo diesel under the hood making just 160 horsepower (118 kilowatts). So yeah, you won't be making a hasty exit should things turn bad.

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Photo Credit: Ford Global Fleet Sales

Speaking of struggling for an exit, we need to give a shout out to a Ford security vehicle that trades intimidation for stealth. The awkwardly named Everest Cash-In-Transit has nothing to do with Ford's Transit van. It's a normal-looking Everest that's fitted with armor, a double-locking rear cash box, and a panic alarm in case things go wrong. With all the mods in place it tips the scales at over 2.5 tons, but it runs the same 160-hp 2.2-liter diesel. Better keep one hand on the panic button.

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You can get 204 hp (150 kW) in the Everest Light Utility Vehicle, but you'll completely nix the stealth look. Instead, you'll roll large in a camouflaged SUV with massive bumpers, mesh window guards, a radio antenna large enough to talk to Mars, and more armor. On the options list is something called a fuel cooler for jet fuel. We have no idea what it's practical purpose is, but we want it.

As you might imagine, there's no mention of pricing for these vehicles. And since they're only offered through the company's global fleet group, commercial and government buyers are the target market. Still, if you have enough money and are dogged with conspiracy theories of imminent doom, Ford could be your ticket to ride.

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