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When the 2021 Ford F-150 Tremor debuted, the company said the 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 would be the only engine available. New information suggests that's not going to change.

The folks at The Drive wanted to know whether there was anything mechanical preventing the Tremor from accepting other engines available in the F-150. "No, not mechanical. More simplifying," the company indicated.

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"Simplifying" refers to the efficiency of only building the Tremor with a single powertrain. Building a certain trim level gets more complicated as you add more options, particularly complicated things like powertrains. Offering the Tremor with a single setup does that. 

From a product-planning perspective, offering the Tremor only in a very specific way makes sure that it doesn't step on the toes of the 2021 Raptor, which we know is on the way. The company has to make sure they're different enough to garner a profitable amount of customers for both trucks.

The Tremor occupies a spot in the F-150 lineup between the mildly rugged FX4 package and more aggressive Raptor. It features a revised look that includes a boxy grille and new rear bumper with cutouts for the dual exhausts.

Mechanically, the Tremor has an overhauled suspension with new shocks and extra ride height. A limited-slip differential is standard at the rear and optional at the front. The high series equipment group even gets buyers a torque-on-demand transfer case like on the Raptor that has both four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive depending on the setting that the driver selects.

Ford didn't offer pricing for the Tremor in the announcement. It doesn't arrive until Summer 2021, though, so there's lots of time to find out.

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