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They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and we suspect this is the reason for this bizarre, six-wheeled Saab 9-3 pickup truck to exist. Regardless of why it's here, we love to see it.

In front, this vehicle looks like an entirely normal Saab in an attractive dark blue color, but things get weird once your eye passes the B-pillar. From there, the rest of the body is gone. A vertical panel seals the vehicle's interior, and a very long flatbed replaces the rest of the usual exterior. The owner uses the open bed as a space for hauling window installation equipment.

There are a few advantages to this setup. First, the owner doesn't need a separate trailer for hauling this gear. In addition, the vehicle has a shorter overall length than a pickup towing the equipment.

The major downside is that this rig doesn't have the payload capability of a more traditional rig. However, if this is the one job that this vehicle does, which it seems to be, then this unique creation is probably perfect for the task.

Once the person taking the video gets closer and starts checking out the Saab's interior, a guard comes out. This is enough for the photographer to walk away.

Judging by the nearby landmarks, this Saab is parked in front of a building in the vicinity of Gustav Adolfs Torg in Stockholm. It's a swanky area that includes the Royal Opera and the headquarters for Sweden's Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Defence in the immediate area. No matter how weird this 9-3 is, the rig is apparently enough for the owner to get work in a very nice area.

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