Imagine the possibilities.

For the regular joe, a thousand-mile drive across the United States is already an adventure. But adventure-seekers want more than that; they need to go off-the-grid, do some overlanding, and extreme explorations beyond what paved roads offer.

If that's still not enough, off-road vehicle builder Himalaya has something to offer for adrenaline junkies. In partnership with airplane manufacturer Kodiak, a Land Rover Defender and Kodiak 100 Series II combo is redefining the possibilities for adventure, and it's now being offered as a package deal.

Gallery: Himalaya Defender x Kodiak 100 Series II Package

Why go off-roading if you can fly above to reach your destination? The package being offered here comes with a Kodiak 100 Series II turboprop airplane with customized badging and a distinctive livery, plus a brand-new off-road-ready Himalaya Defender. More importantly, the package also includes a customized trip to Himalaya's new Experience Center in Alpine, Wyoming.

The trip to Himalaya isn't just a barbeque party as you see in the images above. It includes back-country guided tours, ATV off-roading, and a custom-built snowmobile and snow bike riding that you and your family or friends can enjoy. This will be a great way to enjoy the winter season – plus you get an iconic off-roader and a plane, too.

Aside from capabilities to reach destinations where Defenders literally can't go to, Kodiak 100 Series II aircraft comes integrated with luxury elements and bespoke interior features. The Himalaya Defender, on the other hand, is built for hardcore off-roading and comes with a powerful 300tdi engine and a manual transmission.

The whole package comes at a price, though: $3 million to be exact, which will include everything that you've read about here. Interested? Don't hesitate to contact Himalaya for your inquiries.