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The GMC Hummer EV Edition 1 is a little less than a year away from going on sale, but the development team is keeping interested customers informed about the electric SUV's progress towards being a road-ready machine. The latest look comes from GM's Milford Proving Grounds where the engineers are preparing the model for winter testing.

The team plans to continue to document the Hummer EV's development and put out more videos like this. The latest clip keeps things simple by showing the installation of the battery pack and including some glimpses of the SUV on track at the proving grounds.

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When GMC unveiled the Hummer EV, it didn't even have a fully functional prototype for the SUV. The company says that "extensive virtual testing" is allowing the development to proceed so quickly.

The Hummer EV will debut with a three-motor powertrain with around 1,000 horsepower (746 kilowatts). The torque output is estimated to be between 800 pound-feet (1,085 Newton-meters) and 1,000 lb-ft (1,356 Nm). This setup can push the truck to 60 miles per hour in around 3.0 seconds.

The Hummer EV also boasts an impressive drivetrain with four-wheel steering. The air suspension is capable of raising the ride height by up to 6 inches, allowing for a wading depth of over two feet.

When the GMC Hummer EV arrives in Fall 2021, the Edition 1 carries an asking price of $112,595. These models are identical with a white body and the color Lunar Horizon in the cabin. It comes fully loaded with amenities like removable roof panels, adaptive dampers, crab walk mode, and Super Cruise.

It won't be for another year in Fall 2022 that folks will be available to get the EV3X grade of the Hummer EV, rather than the Edition 1. The two-motor EV2X trim will arrive in Spring 2023, and the base-model EV2 will finally join the range in Spring 2024.

GMC is also working on an SUV version of the Hummer EV. The company isn't saying when this variant arrives, though. Enclosing the truck's cargo bed might make room for a third row of seats.

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