General Motors will be introducing an all-new ‘people mover’ for the 2010 model year. As dictated by UAW contracts, the Delta-based MPV will be built at GM’s Hamtramck, Michigan, plant alongside such future vehicles as the Chevrolet Volt and next-generation Malibu.

Codenamed MPV-7, this new ‘people mover’ will be closely related to the next Opel Zafira, although it will be unique with a boxier and more masculine look compared to the sleek European designed Zafira. Interior will also be unique to the Chevy.

It has been speculated that the Saturn brand would also receive a badge engineered version of the front-wheel-drive MPV, but not right away as Chevy has dibs.

The new Chevrolet MPV will offer seating for either five or seven passengers depending on the options and packages that the customer chooses.

We’ll be seeing much more of the new MPV as it gets closer to production in 2009.

New 2010 Chevrolet MPV Spy Photos