Mansory is selling the Bugatti Veyron Vivere on for a cool 2,499,999 EUR.

The tuner unveiled its special Veyron last month at the Geneva Motor Show as an evolution of the Veyron Vincero. It has received a series of updates such as the redesigned front fascia with new wings, restyled hood and a tweaked apron. Other changes can be seen in the LED daytime running lights, larger air outlets on the flanks plus aero-optimized side skirts.

The Veyron Vivere has also gained a different rear diffuser and dual air intakes while the four exhaust pipes are sitting below the taillights. All bits and pieces added by Mansory are manufactured from carbon fiber while instead of the stock wheels this Veyron has a unique set of five double-spoke rims.

Carbon fiber inserts were used for the interior cabin where this particular Veyron also received LED ambient lighting in the seats, doors and instrument panel. There's also a leather-covered steering wheel along with white & black leather upholstery and bespoke floor mats.

There aren't any hardware upgrades as the one-off supercar has the same 1,001 PS (736 kW) output and has been driven for only 3,500 km (2,174 miles).

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