Tuesday, December 8 is going to be a busy day for new vehicles in the automotive world. Three SUV debuts are taking place that day, though ironically, we've actually already seen all of them. We already reported on the redesigned Acura MDX debut, and Nissan revealed the facelifted 2021 Kicks will debut that day as well. Now, Genesis is also confirmed for the December 8 party with an official unveiling of its all-new GV70.

In typical Genesis style, the news didn't come through an official announcement. Instead, the automaker posted a series of very short teaser videos showing the GV70 driving through open countryside, save for the one we featured above which shows it crossing a bridge. The setting really doesn't matter though, because each clip ends with an overlay showing a date of December 8, 2020. Curiously, the YouTube descriptions beneath the videos just say the GV70 is coming soon, so presumably a full reveal will happen on that day. Genesis certainly doesn't play by the rules when it comes to events like this.

Gallery: 2022 Genesis GV70

Nor is Genesis playing by the rules in the styling department. The GV70 is striking to say the least, incorporating the automaker's split-light arrangement front and rear while adding a curvaceous backside with a C-pillar and rear-window configuration not unlike the iconic Porsche 928. With the trademark Genesis Crest Grille leading the way, there's no possible way the GV70 could blend into the crowd. Considering how crowded the suave crossover segment is these days, it could be argued that anything different is good. In the case of the GV70, it could be very good.

Of course, striking visuals are only a portion of the GV70's puzzle. We've yet to learn about its standard and optional features, its powertrain, and whether or not it's as captivating on the road as it is in photos. Some of those answers should come on December 8 when the GV70's veil is fully removed, and we'll have all the information as soon as it's available.

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