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The new 7.3-liter V8 Godzilla available in the 2020 Ford Super Duty pickups quickly gained the attention of tuners looking to build vehicles with big power. Now, Ford Performance is teasing "Megazilla" as a version of this big powerplant making even more output.

Mike Goodwin from Ford Performance announces the engine in this video, referring to it as a "super secret project." Apparently, it's not too top secret to mention on a YouTube video, though. For now, he's only saying that the output is higher than the existing version's 430 horsepower (320 kilowatts).

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The way Goodwin points to the Godzilla crate engine as he discusses Megazilla, suggests the new offering might be heavily based on the current mill. There is definitely room to tune the 7.3-liter V8, line one tuner managing to push it to over 780 hp.

Godzilla was a development code name for the big V8 that Ford has adopted as a semi-official nickname for the mill, including using it for marketing. As a refresher, the new powerplant has a cast-iron block and aluminum cylinder heads. It uses a pushrod layout for the cam to operate the valves. The mill makes 430 hp (320 kW) and 475 pound-feet (644 Newton-meters) of torque.

The crate engine version of the current Godzilla V8 carries a list price of $8,150. In addition to the mill, it includes an intake and exhaust manifolds, oil pan, ignition coils and wires, and bellhousing.

According to Goodwin, the team is now working on the Performance Control Pack that would provide all the components necessary to drop the powerplant into a vehicle and get it running. While the initial version of the control pack is configured to work with the Super Duty's 10-speed automatic gearbox, but a version for manual transmissions is under development. 

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