So you thought you were well preprared for that fishing, hiking or tundra-survival trip. Well think again, because the ever innovative people over at Campa USA bring you the ultimate in camping gear! We introduce the Campa Expedition Vehicle System (EVS), this self-contained survival system has been throroughly tested by the we-love-camping American government.

This particular EVS is built on a 2007 Toyota Tacoma platform, so no fire-farting Super Duty, but for the Toyota fearing amongst us, the EVS can be built on trucks of different makes too.

Chris Cole, president and founder of Campa USA: "Emergency management officials, outdoor enthusiasts, and extreme adventurers will greatly benefit from the EVS"

Campers, time to hit the trails, go ice-fishing or just set up camp in the backyard!

Campa Expedition Vehicle System