Make no mistake, the 702-horsepower (523.4-kilowatts) Hellcat engine housed under the TRX’s skin is likely more at home on the drag strip. Be that as it may, this truck isn’t supposed to make sense, as putting such an engine in a 6,350 pound (2,880.3 kilograms) pickup is a stones-throw away from building a time machine out of a DeLorean. As bombastic as it may be on the road and in the dirt, TFLnow shows us how this beast handles the snow.

It’s not much of a test if you ask us, as we’re talking about a massive four-wheel-drive pickup with 35-inch all-terrain tires and over 700 hp on tap – but we’ll drop everything and pay attention if it involves a TRX.

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Thankfully, we’re not dealing with a one-trick pony here with its massive reserves of power. Like many off-road vehicles, the Ram has electronic systems to ensure you don’t stuff your pride and joy into a ditch. Starting in Baja mode, our host mashes the gas from a standstill and manages to keep the vehicle in a straight line. In coming to a stop to pick up his cameraman after the acceleration test, ABS earns its keep in slowing the vehicle at an acceptable distance.

With Baja mode showing its worth in the snow, the driver then transitions to Snow mode which appears to transform the truck from full fight or flight mode to a more docile cruiser. The combination of electronic systems and mechanical grip means that just about anyone can tame this beast when the snow starts falling.

Apart from the winter performance, it’s great to see that Ram is sticking to its roots, not succumbing to turbocharging. Regardless of how the TRX compares to the latest Raptor, it’s tough to compete with the visceral experience you get from a supercharged 6.2-liter V8. Who knows if this will be a swan-song performance for the eight-cylinder configuration, but we’re certain that it will leave petrolheads satiated.

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