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The electric Ford F-150 won't begin rolling out of the company's new Rouge Electric Vehicle Center until mid-2022. Ford is promising it'll be the quickest, most powerful F-150 ever, bold claims that'll need to be tested. It'll be an exciting move for the truck as more automakers focus on developing electric vehicles. We've yet to see the electrified F-150, though our new rendering attempts to predict what it could look like when it does debut.

Earlier this year, a teaser image showed an F-150 that looked quite similar to the 2021 model, with the fenders and mirrors looking plucked from the gas-powered model. It's the same with the rendering, which looks nearly indistinguishable from any other F-150. However, the truck does feature a full-width light bar across the front, just like the pickup in the teaser image. It's one of the few design differences Ford has shown so far.

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That light bar will sit in front of a large front trunk that's capable of holding hundreds of pounds of cargo, which is just one feature Ford is planning as it positions the pickup for hardworking customers. Buyers will be able to use the electric F-150 as a mobile generator while receiving over-the air-updates. The pickup will feature dual electric motors, likely one on each axle, though output will exceed the 450-horsepower (336-kilowatt) EcoBoost V6.

The electric Ford F-150 is one of several electrified pickups coming to market over the next few years. General Motors is quickly readying its GMC Hummer EV pickup that could arrive in 2022 while the Tesla Cybertruck continues to garner attention. There's also the Rivian R1T in development. However, there's only one F-150, and it's vital to Ford, so the automaker has a lot riding on the new electric pickup. Its success could make other automakers quickly follow in Ford’s electric footsteps.

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