Peugeot is introducing today on April Fools' Day a car horn individualization program available for cars equipped with Audio Sonic technology.

Developed by Peugeot's Technical Center, the Audio Sonic technology is going to be a standard feature on all models starting July and will allow customers to customize the horn sound according to preferences and tastes. Peugeot is already offering an extensive database of sounds but clients will be able to make their own sounds and upload them so that other drivers can have access.

Owners of Peugeot cars featuring Audio Sonic technology will have the possibility of changing the car horn whenever they like, just like they can do with a mobile phone. The French marque hopes the system will create a "rainbow of sounds and audio experiences" which will be updated on a frequent basis with the current trends in music, lifestyle and culture. 

Peugeot launches car horn individualization program [video]