Lexus built the last LFA a year and a half ago but that doesn't mean the company has forgotten about the model. Instead, they're highlighting the LFA Centre of Excellence at Toyota Motorsport GmbH in Cologne, Germany.

Designed to service the 38 LFAs in Europe, the LFA Centre of Excellence caters to maintaining the company's one and only supercar.

According to workshop manager Peter Dresen, "We treat an LFA more or less like a Le Mans car. The servicing principles are the same as for a normal Lexus road car, but it’s much more complicated to do certain things and access certain parts, which makes the LFA closer to a racing car in terms of how we take care of it.”

As an example, technicians remove the body panels to get access to the suspension, steering system and subframe. The company goes on to say every nut and bolt is checked and re-checked before the car is returned to the customer. The shop even has an x-ray machine which can scan the car to detect any wear or performance issues.

European customers don't even have to take their car to the LFA Centre of Excellence as the team will travel to local dealerships when work is required.


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