The Internet never sleeps. During the day, its users are busy publishing leaked images of future vehicles on social media in the lowest resolution possible. The night shift also has its work cut out for it, with the peeps at Carsbite deciding to develop a rendering of the 2022 Tundra using those images Toyota certainly doesn’t want you to see.

Being based on the real thing, it’s more just a shot in the dark as it attempts to infuse some HD quality in those grainy images likely taken during a private reveal of the truck. It’s unclear whether the shadowy images were grabbed at a private meeting with dealers, but chances are someone snuck in a camera and took those potato-quality shots. A new video from the very same event has emerged, and you can see it in the Instagram embed below.

Hit the right arrow below to see the video, but we have to warn you, the quality isn't exactly great...


A new Tundra has been a long time coming seeing as how the second-generation model premiered way back in February 2006 at the Chicago Auto Show. The overhauled truck is expected to have an imposing front grille and interesting headlights with a large LED daytime running light signature resembling the letter “Y.”

The blurry shots were not good enough to reveal the whole truck, but the revamped Tundra seemed to be a crew cab model with a small bed. It’s expected to arrive for the 2022 model year, which means an official debut might not take place in the foreseeable future. The clip attached above does say “dominating soon…” and has the word “teaser” in the upper-left corner, but we might have to wait some more for the wraps to come off.

A long-time reader who claims to be in the know regarding Toyota’s agenda told us the Tundra would premiere in December 2021 as a 2022MY. He went on to say it would ride on the TNGA-F platform and offer a twin-turbo V6 engine. Facelifted earlier this year, the Hilux could be unified with the Tundra for its next generation to reduce development costs, but nothing is official at this point.

Car and Driver says we might not have to wait a full year to see the Tundra as our colleagues got in touch with a Toyota spokesperson who said: "Full-size pickup trucks remain an important segment for Toyota and our customers, and while we cannot confirm future product details, we are excited for what’s to come."

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