It was originally planned for Geneva, but DCX wanted to keep the focus on their bread-and-butter new C-Class. And so the AutoRAI in The Netherlands gets a real big crowd-puller and world premiere, on show starting March 29th in Amsterdam! Finally another / valid reason to head over to Amsterdam. The CL65 AMG with 6.0L V12 (612hp, 1000nM torque) should hit the 100km/h mark within 4,5 seconds and will easily hit 300km/h if it wasn't for the, not confirmed but expected, speed limiter. In order to keep this machine on the road, AMG has tinkered with the suspension, aerodynamics and has added plenty of tech-gadgets, like their take on the Active Body Control system, which is designed to keep the car straight during acceleration and braking. Does this eliminate the CL65 as the New York Mystery AMG, aren't we afterall waiting for a NY World Debut? More pics at AutoTelegraaf.

Mercedes CL65 AMG at AutoRAI (NL)