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As of this article going live on November 20, it's been just two days since the new 2022 Subaru BRZ was revealed. In addition to styling tweaks, the new model gets a modest power boost from a larger 2.4-liter boxer four-cylinder. It's a step in the right direction for the small sports car, but some people are already dreaming bigger.

Enter X-Tomi Design on Facebook. These unofficial renderings focus squarely on the BRZ, particularly with regards to a boy-racer STI variant and smooth-looking convertible. You know there are all kinds of people already thinking about such things, and now that we have some well-crafted visuals to pore over, these aren't bad ideas at all.

Subaru BRZ Cabrio Rendering

We suspect fewer people have mulled the idea of a BRZ convertible. Compared to the shouty STI interpretation, this droptop conveys a rather elegant presence. There's been some criticism about the new BRZ looking like a variety of dfferent coupes with its fastback roof, so lopping the top off certainly takes care of that. We venture such a machine wouldn't be as elemental as, say, an MX-5 Miata. But it could be an exciting, inexpensive, open-air tourer.


This isn't the first time someone has ventured into the high-performance world with a BRZ STI mockup, but the refreshed design seems well-suited for added visual aggression. Some folks have likened the BRZ's face to the last-gen Dodge Viper, and this version with a gaping hood scoop certainly adds to that appeal. However, it's the subtle body kit that drops the nose and side skirts ever-so-slightly that draws our attention and gives this a proper STI ambiance. Plug in a turbocharger – as many people want – and this thing could be epic.

What are the odds that Subaru will take the BRZ in these directions? A convertible seems extremely unlikely – such a conversion adds weight and that usually throws off the distribution of mass. Such a move would go against Subaru's nimble sports car formula, but adding power with some aero tweaks and suspension upgrades can enhance that formula.

The big question is whether Subaru would attempt to compete with itself by offering a BRZ STI next to the WRX STI. It didn't happen for the previous-generation model, and frankly, it means such a step is also unlikely for the new one.

That said, we so hope we're wrong.

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